#NightFall20 is live – our very special star-studded online edition of Nightfall awaits. 

As night falls and all becomes still, an enchanting world awakens. Families are invited to join us for a special digital Nightfall 2020; you can meet some wonderful characters and discover stories that come to life in the dark. Experience a magical journey to the stars and join a quest to find your very own jar of stardust and more….

This exclusive programme is available NOW until 10th December 11.59pm. If you’ve got your FREE ticket already – head to the top tab Nightfall Online 2020 and join our little Nightfall world for a short time. 

If you haven’t got your #NightFall20 FREE ticket yet – don’t worry, you can still get them below until 10th December evening.

Get ready to:

🤩 Watch a special edition of Space Rebel Princess by Fully Booked

🤩 Help Orville overcome his fear of the dark by Danielle Slade

🤩 Make a Starry Sky Lightbox with Whippet Up

🤩 Watch ‘Stories from the Stars’ by Ian & Jo Douglas

🤩 Experience The Hare & The Moon by Eye of Newt

🤩 Creative making activities with artists Yvette Hawkins Visual Artist and Morwenna Catt


You can visit and enjoy our #NightFall20 content as many times as you like until 10th December 11.59pm.

AND, whilst we may be apart, there is something magical about us all being able to share this exclusive programme together and we would love you to share your #Nightfall20 experience with us. You can share photos, comments, drawings, comments, videos – whatever you like, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #NightFall20


If you have any questions read our FAQs or drop us an email via hello@stellar-projects.co.uk


Space Rebel Princess and The Great Big Bear from the Beyond!

By Fully Booked

Join Space Rebel Princess and Grandfather on a fun stargazing adventure!


Travel through the cosmos, learn how to recognise constellations and fly all the way to the moon!


An uplifting and engaging performance for children and families from Fully Booked Theatre.

Use your knowledge to embark on your own night time adventure, seeking out constellations from the comfort of your nearest outdoor space!


Sit back, relax and let our wonderful storyteller share magical bedtime stories with you.


These tales draw on wonderful myths and folklore, transporting you to a captivating world amongst the stars.

Stellar Projects_Preston Park_6371.JPG

By Ian Douglas




By Eye of Newt

We all loved meeting Hare and Moon at Nightfall 19 and helping adventurous Hare to find her way home to her patient friend, The Moon.  


This year, Eye of Newt return to tell the story of the two friends in miniature. Watch the film premiere of their new puppet theatre show, see the suitcase open and the tiny world come to life. Be charmed as the beautiful puppets tell the story of night skies, light and the joy of friendship. 


By Danielle Slade

This lovely owl is super scared of the dark ... and we need to show him that there is nothing to be scared of!


Orville is going to need your help on his quest to fly by overcoming his fear of the dark.



By Whippet Up

Create your own beautiful light box artwork with expert guidance from Whippet Up. Watch as they guide you through your making experience in their own unique way!


A simple and effective creative activity which children of all ages can take part in. Follow their Van Gough inspired Starry Night template or design your own and capture a little bit of starlight magic!


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