What is Nightfall 2020 Online - The Stars Guide You Home?

Nightfall 2020 Online is a digital extension of our annual outdoor light event – in August 2020, after working tirelessly to develop and deliver a socially distanced, safe outdoor event in Teesside, we had to pull the event a week after announcing it was taking place. But we didn’t let that stop us and went straight to work to pivot. We were determined to share a little Nightfall magic with you all.

Nightfall 2020 Online - The Stars Guide You Home is a family programme created by professional artists and performers that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home across 3 – 10 December.


What age is Nightfall 2020 Online for?

Whilst all ages will enjoy Nightfall 2020 Online – The Stars Guide You Home, it is most suitable for pre-school and primary school aged children and families.

How do I get access to Nightfall 2020 Online?

To gain access to Nightfall 2020 online programme, booking is required and tickets are FREE. You can book on our website on the landing page. There will be an option to donate at the end of #NightFall20 and all money will go back into supporting Nightfall 2021.

When is Nightfall 2020 Online?

#NightFall20 is available across 3 – 10 December. On 3rd December, the programme will go live at 9am and will be available until 10th December 11.59pm. You can enjoy the programme all together or you can enjoy each element on its own. Your ticket gives you access across that period and you can revisit as many times as you’d like.

We have accessibility requirements and want to find out more about the programme content?

Most #NightFall20 videos are captioned and no programme elements have a content warning. If you have any accessibility questions or suggestions please drop us an email via: hello@stellar-projects.co.uk

How can we participate in Nightfall 2020?

Across 3 – 10 December, you can share your #Nightfall20 experience with us. You can share photos, picture of your home-made window decorations, comments, drawings, comments, videos – whatever you like, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #NightFall20