by Danielle Slade

This lovely owl is super scared of the dark ... and we need to show him that there is nothing to be scared of!


Orville is going to need your help on his quest to fly by overcoming his fear of the dark.

Viewing notes

Duration: A 4 part story, each part lasts approx 5 mins

Age: Under 5s

Meet loveable Orville the owl and his feathery fanatic, Edwin. Orville feels scared by lots of things, particularly the dark, but it’s our job to help him be brave enough to fly at night.


We think Orville is perfect for our mini Nightfallers under 5 as they will love this cute little owl and the quirky animations.


Orville features in 4 mini films which we have numbered – come back each day and watch the next episode or watch them all at once!

Can you help Orville to be brave?

Orville is afraid of the dark and our job is to try and help him be brave enough to fly. We are going to fill him up to the brim with happy thoughts so that there is no room left for anything that makes him feel afraid. We can teach him that the night time is a wonderful place where special creatures come to life and the moon and the stars light the way to magic…


What do you think might help Orville to stop feeling afraid of the dark? Can you write down or draw a picture of something that makes you feel happy to share with Orville? You could draw lots and lots of lovely things on the page – things that make you feel happy, the people who love you, happy colours, things that you are good at, special things you can remember that made you jump for joy! This will help to show Orville that our fears are only a very small part of us – the things that make us feel good are much bigger than the moments that we feel afraid.