Eye of Newt

We all loved meeting Hare and Moon at Nightfall 19 and helping adventurous Hare to find her way home to her patient friend, The Moon.  


This year, Eye of Newt return to tell the story of the two friends in miniature. Watch the film premiere of their new puppet theatre show, see the suitcase open and the tiny world come to life. Be charmed as the beautiful puppets tell the story of night skies, light and the joy of friendship.


Find out more about Eye of Newt and their wonderful work here 

Viewing notes

Duration: 5 mins

Age: suitable for all ages

The magical Hare and the Moon were favourites at Nightfall last year and we are very pleased to welcome them back for Nightffall 2020.


Eye of Newt bring a magical mini world to life from a suitcase and these wonderful characters will charm audiences of all ages. 

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The moon is very beautiful and magical and it’s easy to see how Hare was so fascinated by it. If you would like to find out more about the moon, you might like to have a look here Moon | NASA Space Place – NASA Science for Kids